This post is somewhat late, but it’s here. Now that the holidays are over and fear grips my breast as I realise just how many notes I have to write out as exams loom ahead, I finally find myself with the time and means to write this for you, loyal readers. While not exactly a […]

I took a week long sabbatical, simply because I find this whole blog writing thing exhausting and at times unrewarding. I put this down to two reasons, (1), a lack of focus and coherent arguments and points in my posts, meaning a general lack of readership and framework for me to write within, and (2), […]

This post was delayed a bit as I only realised what I wanted to write about after reading John Yorke’s ‘Into The Woods: A Five Act Journey Into Story’ and watching the commentary for The Perks of being a Wallflower – twice. I then thought about combining those two things that were at the forefront […]

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World The films that I have recommended before have been pretty heavy hitters. They’ve all been dark, disturbing, touching or generally tough pieces of film to watch. This is where I show that I, too, have a light side. Scott Pilgrim is one of the single funniest, geekiest and brilliant films […]

Recently, I posted on a thread about bands and singers that would be remembered throughout time. Of course, everyone agreed that the Beatles and Elvis would not be forgotten for a very long time indeed, with others arguing that Eric Clapton, The Bee Gee’s, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Led Zeppelin would all be remembered […]

I am a massive film buff, and as such, I have also acquired an affection for certain members of the acting community. Here, I list my four favourite actors in the wide world of movies.   Dane DeHaan When I first watched Dane DeHaan in Chronicle, I felt disturbed. In a good way, yes, but […]

So this week truly has been terrible. Originally, I intended to write the Upon The Subject Of post over the weekend, but I came down with a horrific virus that left me in bed from Saturday up until today. Thus, I have been unable to do any serious writing or thinking, apart from a few […]